John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 4



I have an early start tomorrow so I am going to have to head off to bed. However I have really enjoyed covering the Championships and qualifiers on here. Thank you to Stuie Neale and Thomas Frost for helping out with a few sessions as well. Hope you enjoyed our coverage and see you in the new season!

FRAME, MATCH AND CHAMPIONSHIP MARK WILLIAMS! 18-16 Higgins misses a red with the rest and Williams misses the red he is left. He pots a fantastic long red and Williams is World Champion for the 3rd time! What a match after the first three sessions were a little poor!

JH 0 - 70 MW (16-17) He pots another couple of colours to confirm that he will be World Champion for the 3rd time. Or not as he misses a red and Higgins comes back for three snookers.

JH 0 - 69 MW (16-17) He is working around the black spot and takes a more difficult red to the left middle. Good pot. He plays a tough red but this time he sinks it. The black is frame ball and this time is sunk!

JH 0 - 26 MW (16-17) What a pot from Williams into the right middle and he is on the black. Can he hold his nerve this time?

JH 0 - 1 MW (16-17) Williams pots a long red but then is not on a colour. Not a great safety from Higgins but Williams returns the favour. It runs safe though.

JH 0 - 0 MW (16-17) Higgins mops up the reds including a tough one before adding the remaining colours to steal the frame. Will that be a turning point!


Amazing under that pressure!

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Agreed. This match has turned into a really great one after three rather ordinary sessions.

JH 16 - 63 MW (15-17) Higgins finds a long red to get in. Can he hold off Williams for a frame?

JH 0 - 63 MW (15-17) The next red brings out more reds for him. He should be able to take the title from here but as I type that he is on the wrong side of the blue. He pots a tough red and then misses the frame ball pink.

JH 0 - 42 MW (15-17) He works around the open reds and the black for the moment. He splits the reds from the blue and is on a red.