John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 4



JH 1 - 0 MW (11-15) Williams catches the blue from the break off and leaves a chance on for Higgins. He pots the red but then is not perfect on a colour. He takes the yellow but misses.

JH 1 - 12 MW (11-15) Williams is left a pot to the left middle and he has the green to get down to the open red. He clears the black with that but will need to open the reds from the pink. He nudges a couple out.

JH 1 - 50 MW (11-15) He finds a plant in the bunch and now has them all available assuming he pots them in the right order. The blue is still out of commission but the pink is on it's spot.

JH 10 - 58 MW (11-15) Williams misses a red when needing two more reds leaving Higgins in the balls. He misses a cannon but he has a red nonetheless.

JH 0 - 0 MW (12-15) He clears up the reds and then goes up to the baulk colours to try and get on the yellow on the cushion. He is just about on it and then clears to steal the frame.

JH 0 - 7 MW (12-15) Higgins catches the blue with a red when playing safe. It is left on for Williams but he is tight up against the cushion with the cue ball. Down it goes and he is on the pink.

JH 0 - 47 MW (12-15) There are four reds available and the black is also free. He works around the open reds for the moment. However he is not on the red at the back of pack when tries to go into them. Good safety.

JH 16 - 47 MW (12-15) Higgins is left a red near the bottom left corner but not easy and he is having to use the rest. Down it goes and he is on the black. He wasn't great on his next red but potted.

JH 31 - 47 MW (12-15) He is not great on the red up the table to get on his next colour but he manages to get on the green. That is used to open then reds and he is on one to the right bottom corner.

JH 51 - 47 MW (12-15) He draws level with the black but is not great on the next pink. He decides on the green and gets down to the next red perfectly.