John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 4



JH 0 - 0 MW (13-15) He pots the green and has the colours to go. Only the blue off it's spot. He sinks them all to pull another frame back.

JH 1 - 0 MW (13-15) Higgins finds a three ball plant in the bunch and pots it well. He rolls up behind the green.

JH 12 - 0 MW (13-15) Williams slides past the reds... back it goes.... good hit this time. They are opening up the reds with their safety. Higgins has to take on a long red as has no safety what a pot! He is on the pink.

JH 30 - 0 MW (13-15) He was awkward on the pink but down it goes. He is also not ideal on either the yellow or green but he pots the green and is back down the table to be on the reds.

JH 52 - 0 MW (13-15) Slight kick but his potting skills get him out of trouble. The next red is potted with the rest. he is on the black through the gap in the reds and uses that to open a couple more. He avoids a red but is then out of position. Safety on the brown.

JH 68 - 0 MW (13-15) Williams misses the red he tries and doesn't get away with it. Higgins is in with a red to the right middle and is on the black. He pots frame ball red and is on the black.

JH 0 - 0 MW (14-15) He adds a few more pots to go one behind at the mid-session interval. Eurosport tell me we haven't had a final frame decider in 16 years. I am off for a mug of tea and a chocolate cookie. We might be here a while!

JH 0 - 0 MW (14-15) The players are back for potentially another 6 frames... Higgins breaks off in frame 30.

JH 0 - 0 MW (14-15) Williams misses a long red and there is a potable red for Higgins but very risky and no guarantee of a colour. He goes for safety.

JH 5 - 0 MW (14-15) The reds are moving over the left hand side of the table. Williams goes in off but leaves nothing easy on. Higgins takes on the red and pots it. Bonus - he lands on the pink but misses it.