John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 4



JH 5 - 12 MW (14-15) Williams is straight in but the wrong side of the blue. Good shot around the table to be on the reds. He has misplaced the cue extension but pots the red without it. I am amazed at how cool, calm and collected he is about stuff like that.

JH 5 - 32 MW (14-15) The pink and black are tied up but he has various reds that he can go for. He nudges through the reds and frees the black.

JH 18 - 47 MW (14-15) Williams wobbles a red and Higgins takes one by the baulk colurs. The yellow follows. He JUST gets past a red to be on another one. Higgins gets the black back on it's spot and the pink is now also available.

JH 0 - 0 MW (15-15) He cannons the last red out of the way when potting the black and is on it to get back out for the black and the colours. The blue is frame ball but he is on the pink to confirm.

JH 0 - 19 MW (15-15) Higgins misses a red and Williams is straight in and around the black spot. He goes into them from the black and is not on anything easy. He finds one to the left corner and has the yellow.

JH 0 - 41 MW (15-15) The average frame time is 16 minutes and both have shot times under 23 seconds which considering the first four frames yesterday is quite impressive. Williams misses a red to the left middle meanwhile.

JH 0 - 41 MW (15-15) Higgins opens up the reds when he is left touching them. They are now all potable for whoever gets in next. Williams misses a red and there is one that Higgins can go for. He misses the long one he takes on.

JH 0 - 60 MW (15-15) Williams finds one to the left middle and has a tough pink to follow up. Down it goes and he gets a good kiss to leave the red on. He will have to watch his positional play but everything is on.

JH 0 - 0 MW (15-16) He pots a red to mean Higgins requires snookers. The yellow follows to make doubly sure of the frame. Break of 33 to go back in the lead.

JH 0 - 0 MW (15-16) Williams just avoids a double kiss but plays an excellent safety.