John Higgins

Mark Williams - Session 4



JH 0 - 3 MW (15-16) He then misses a red into the right corner but nothing on. Higgins catches a red thick but everything runs safe. Or not - what a pot from Williams and he is on the yellow.

JH 14 - 4 MW (15-16) He is high on the next pink and Higgins is straight in. The reds are reasonably spread but the black is tied up. The pink goes on to the black spot to make the beak easier.

JH 14 - 15 MW (15-16) He is awkward on a red and plays it with safety in mind. He misses it into the left middle pocket. Williams finds a long red to try to put together another break. He finds a red to right middle but gets a good kiss on the green.

JH 14 - 44 MW (15-16) Williams has potted 2000 balls this tournament now... But that soon increases as he sets about making a steady break.

JH 0 - 0 MW (15-17) He pots frame ball pink and then a very tough red. The break ends on 100 with a clearance. One more for victory.

JH 0 - 6 MW (15-17) Oooh - the blue stays up when caught off a Higgins safety. There is a red on and he pots it.

JH 0 - 42 MW (15-17) He works around the open reds and the black for the moment. He splits the reds from the blue and is on a red.

JH 0 - 63 MW (15-17) The next red brings out more reds for him. He should be able to take the title from here but as I type that he is on the wrong side of the blue. He pots a tough red and then misses the frame ball pink.

JH 16 - 63 MW (15-17) Higgins finds a long red to get in. Can he hold off Williams for a frame?

JH 0 - 0 MW (16-17) Higgins mops up the reds including a tough one before adding the remaining colours to steal the frame. Will that be a turning point!


Amazing under that pressure!

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Agreed. This match has turned into a really great one after three rather ordinary sessions.