Cardiff Blues


Rugby U


18' Gloucester's turn for an attack, as Burns pushes through a surprising number of tackles to take his team almost to the Cardiff 22. They're making slow progress, but are moving forward... Garces is definitely one of the more intense-sounding referees with his breakdown guidance. Anyway, Gloucester have put a grubber kick into touch, Cardiff win the lineout and clear.

22' Gloucester have made their way back to the Cardiff 22, but have been turned over in the ruck. It's all good if you're a Gloucester fan though, because the Blues have immediately knocked on. It wasn't a good pass, to be fair.

22' Time for the least fun part of rugby. The reset scrum...

23' Gloucester look more energetic with the ball, but an accidental obstruction leads to a Blues scrum. Ludlow's line took him straight into the ball carrier, which I'm sure wasn't what he had planned.

25' Gloucester win their own lineout, just about, and are back inside the Blues half. The territory stats must be incredibly one sided so far. Another grubber kick forces Anscombe to clear, sharpish. Gloucester's kicking game looking good today.

26' Here come Gloucester again, and this time win a penalty on the Blues' 22, for not rolling away. Twelvetrees will like the look of this, I'd have thought.

PENALTY for Gloucester. Not a difficult kick, that one.

29' Gloucester are back in their own half after taking the restart, but put things right with some more clever kicking. Blues lineout on their own 22. Gloucester with 62% territory so far. Feels like more. Another injury for Blues, this time to Lane, who's replaced by Smith.

30' Blues have had their lineout nicked, and are defending inside their 22 once more. Some quick passes wide are too much for the Blues defence, and only the final pass going forwards has prevented Gloucester from scoring their second try. It was close, but Garces was pretty certain.

31' Cardiff clear, and it's time for Gloucester's first kicking mistake as a punt goes straight out. That pass really doesn't look forwards on the replays, you know. Hmm.