Cardiff Blues


Rugby U


45' Strange knock on from Twelvetrees gives the Blues the ball back on roughly halfway. If they score next... This time the kick doesn't work quite so well, and Gloucester will have a lineout on their own 10m line.

47' Gloucester win a penalty through a maul, and kick for touch. They'll have a lineout just outside the Blues 22.

47' But they've lost the ball. Blues looking dangerous again, but are swung into touch on halfway for another Gloucester lineout.

48' Gloucester are making a few easy errors at the moment, and knock on again to give away the ball. They've made over 100m more than their opponents so far, despite three fewer carries. Nice.

49' What's less nice if you're a Gloucester fan is that your team have just been penalised at the scrum. Blues lineout just outside the Gloucester 22, and the Welsh team have started the half playing as though they didn't know the score. Which is probably wise.

51' Gloucester thought they'd won a turnover, except they seem to have briefly forgotten that you're not allowed to play the ball when on the ground in a ruck. Evans punishes the infringement with three more points, and the gap is suddenly just four points. PENALTY to Blues.

53' Cardiff are feeling good about life right now, running the ball from way back in their own half, but that move doesn't quite come off, and Gloucester have a lineout on the Blues 22.

54' Everything going Blues' way right now, as they charge down a box kick and whack the ball way downfield. As if that wasn't enough, Woodward then hoofs it straight out, and Blues have a lineout inside the Gloucester 10m line.

55' Here come the Blues.... It's a TRY! Cardiff have the lead!

Powerful running took the Blues up to the Gloucester 22, and a grubber kick on the wing (seems to be lots of those today) gets them in behind the line. CONVERTED from way wide.