Cardiff Blues


Rugby U


78' Cardiff need to keep the ball now. All they need is a drop goal... Here's a kick ahead...

79' Gloucester recover the ball, but are isolated as Blues arrive in numbers...and are awarded the penalty! It's quite far wide, but makeable...

PENALTY to Blues!!!! Anscombe has, most likely, decided this one with a penalty in the final minute!! What a finish! What a comeback!

80' Cardiff receive the kickoff, and need to keep the ball for just 50 seconds...


Wow. What a second half!!

Blues looked out of the match after the first half, and it looked like their chance had gone with that missed conversion in the 77th minute. But what an incredible comeback!

Cardiff are the champions by the slimmest of margins, and Gloucester have to come to terms with a second final defeat in two years, after a 14-point lead at half time.

"I'm not sure how you've done it," says the interviewer to man of the match Robinson. "A monumental achievement." It is indeed.

Robinson has, for some reason, won a vase from Heineken for being man of the match. Odd. He's beside himself with delight at the result, obviously.