Cardiff Blues


Rugby U


"Just tried to clear my head," says Anscombe of his last minute kick. "You want it to go over, so much, and I just stuck to my process."

Captain Jenkins also talks about "trusting the process" when trying to explain his team's magnificent turnaround. I mean, can't say it didn't work!

"How did it get away from you?" is the first question to the Gloucester captain, who is talking in dead-eyed monotone. He looks devastated. "We're all pretty dejected." :(

So, Cardiff Blues add the 2018 title to their 2010 tournament win. Neither team will be back here next year, as both have qualified for next season's Champions' Cup. Not that that looks like much consolation for Gloucester, who look close to tears.

That's all from me. A slightly disappointing first half, but the second made it a match worthy of a final. Congratulations Cardiff Blues, European Challenge Cup champions 2018!