FOUR! Lovely flick from Jennings off Broad. They run it, but it does go over the ropes. 115-3 (29.1)

A bit of a delay while Broad wasn't happy with his footwear. Just a single to add to the boundary that over, Chanderpaul playing a reckless shot at the end but missed. Still gloomy. 116-3 (30)

Why is Stuart Broad wearing a sunhat? A single for Jennings, then there's four legbyes although Chanderpaul may have actually got a feel. 121-3 (31)

Was Ball bowling the last, just had to have a say on the World's Best Fantasy Football Manager wearing a hat when it isn't sunny Mullaney bowled the 33rd. 121-3

Broad with this run in that over. Play has been stopped up the road at Derby. 121-3(34)

Chanderpaul hits Mullaney for four. Nonchantly, as the commentators say. And he smacks one to the ropes next ball too! 129-3 (34.2)

And now through mid-on! Man on a mission. Three balls, three boundaries! Scores level 133-3(34.3)

A couple of runs to head into the lead too. 135-3 (35)

Jennings with a legside boundary off Broad for four to start the next over. 139-3 (35.1)

No other runs there. 139-3 (36)