PAK 159/5 (51) Shadab digs out a yorker and it runs straight down the ground for four.

WICKET! PAK 159/6 (51.5) Edged and gone! Sarfraz nicks the ball to the 2nd slip (Stirling) and Thompson has his second wicket! He scored 20.

PAK 159/6 (52) Faheem Ashraf comes to the crease on debut. Snorter from Thompson but he gets out of the way.

PAK 165/6 (53) Slapped away from Shadab to pick up a boundary. The ball was short and wide from Kane though. Then edged but dropped short of the slips. He then gets a ball through by coming down the crease.

PAK 167/6 (54) Faheem off the mark with a quick single. They add another later in the over. As we had no play yesterday, the tea break is at 3:55pm and close of play 6:30pm (can play to 7pm to make up the 98 overs).

PAK 169/6 (55), Faheem 1*, Shadab 15* Shadab starts the over with a quick two. Larry the Leprechaun is getting the crowd going with a Mexican wave.

PAK 170/6 (56) Appeal for a caught behind from wicket keeper and slips. However it was the batting hitting the ground they could hear.

PAK 178/6 (57) Kevin O'Brien back into the attack for his 3rd over. Glorious drive down the ground for Faheem for four. He then gets one past the covers but it slows up in the outfield as is only three. LBW shout but nothing given.

PAK 190/6 (58) Shadab takes advantage of a short, wide ball from Thompson for a boundary. There is a no third man and another ball gets through that area for four more. He whips one away but only one run this time. They turn a two into three last ball.

TEA: PAK 193/6 (59) Delay as the sun is glinting off a car window into the batsmen's eyes! Anyway - this should be the final over before tea. Another ball nudged through the slips for three runs. I (Mel - @MissMelanie_H) will be back in 15-20 minutes with more coverage.