Spanish Grand Prix 2018



Oh. Hello there. @aidanleape here to take you through the first European race of the Formula 1 season. We're in the Catalan sunshine(ish) for the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix. Pit lane has just opened, so that means that lights out is just under 30 minutes away.

So then. What do you need to know. Well, unless you've been under a rock, you need to know that this F1 season has been inexplicably epic. Team mate crashes, safety cars, lap records and a few scoops of drama. We've had it all in just four races. You also need to know that it's Lewis Hamilton leading the Drivers Championship by just 4 points from Seb Vettel, whilst Ferrari lead the constructors.

Right. Martin is back on the grid. I'm told he wasn't on the grid a couple of weeks ago. I was eating cheese and ham on half a loaf of olive encrusted bread in Budapest, so I missed it. Anyway, he's clobbered Rupert Grint and Scott Quinnell at the start. It's all a bit Brits Abroad at the moment.

Scott Quinnell. Is it slanderous if I say he's definitely pissed on the grid? Because he is. Anyway, we continue to watch Martin Brundle taxing along talking to nobody in particular. He's just looked at Carlos Sainz. AND THEN CHASED HIM HALFWAY DOWN THE GRID. Carlos tried to run away, but was quickly tapped on the shoulder. There is no escaping son.

Mel - @MissMelanie_H

Probably better to say he "appears" pissed..


Appears to be definitely pissed.

I'm loving this. I really should BTM the grid walk more. It's comedy gold. Anyway, we're learning that there is about 70% chance of rain apparently. That's according to Renault anyway. Alonso saying that his car is getting better and better (couldn't have gotten much worse from last year) Felipe Massa on the grid too. Nice terracotta knitwear from the now retired driver.

Oh. Massa lets slip that he's looking at a drive in Formula E next season. I know it was rumoured, but hadn't heard him say it yet. Grid walk concludes with Martin saying hello to Derek Warwick before asking Niki Lauda a question, but then refusing to hear the answer because the Spanish and Catalan anthems have started. I make that 3/20 drivers spoken to on the "Grid Walk." Superb work.

Whilst we do the anthems, going to get this out there now. Is anyone else getting really fed up and bored with Daniel Ricciardo's shtick? Acting like the sinned against all the time, saying that he can basically go anywhere on the grid when his contract runs out, and generally being a touch too smug. I want old Danny Ric back.

Anyway, enough of the rant from me. The Grid walk is continuing, sans Martin, with Paul Di Resta and your man Simon who hosts this. Already talked to Sergio Perez and Sir Jackie Stewart. This is more glorious chaoticism on the grid. Gorgeous. Christian Horner, clad in raincoat, says that showers are "around" but are "breaking up a bit." Seems like nobody really knows what's going on upstairs.

Christian Horner also saying that his two drivers "Know the rules." Ominous that. Brendon Hartley will somehow be on the grid. His crumbling car has been fixed. Top effort from the Toro Rosso team. He also says there might be an issue with the front wing. Ironically that was the one bit he didn't seem to knock in that prang. We'll see how bad it is when we start.

Nico Hulkenberg with the fuel pressure issue yesterday in P16. He said that's all fixed. He also wants some rain to mix things up.