Dominic Thiem
4 4

Alexander Zverev
6 6



Not much on the return from Thiem, but he does a good job of slowing the rally down; 0-15. Thiem sends a slice into the net; 15-all. Ahhhh, Thiem is JUST wide down the line; 30-15. Fantastic net play from Zverev, and Thiem can't do much with it; 40-15. Thiem fires a forehand wide, and Zverev gets the hold.

Thiem goes long after an extended rally; 0-15. Zverev fires wide with a backhand, Mo is down to check, but it's wide; 15-all. 15-30 to Zverev... Good body serve, and Zverev goes long with the return; 30-all.

Zverev fires wide; 40-30. Thiem goes wide down the line; DEUCE.

Good serve from Thiem; ADV. Annnnd another good serve gives him the hold.

Sneaky dropshot from Zverev, and it pays off; 15-0. Nice 1-2 play from Zverev; 30-0. Another slice into the net from Thiem; 40-0. Thiem goes long on the return, and that's the hold.

Zverev tries for a volley at the net, but it drifts wide; 15-0. Fabulous backhand play from Zverev; 15-all. Zverev goes long at the net again; 30-15. Thiem sends a slice into the net; 30-all.

Big serve from Thiem, and it pays off; 40-30. Biiiig forehand from Thiem, and that's a very good hold.

Zverev pushes Thiem back and draws the error; 15-0. Big serve; 30-0. Thiem fires long again; 40-0. Zverev goes for the dropshot, but Thiem is right up to it. Zverev goes for the defensive lob, but it's long; 40-15. No matter, Zverev gets the hold with the next point.

Good serving from Thiem; 15-0. Zverev sends a backhand wide; 30-0. Fantastic forehand winner from Thiem, and there wasn't much Zverev could do to get that back; 40-0. Another forehand winner, and that's a great hold.

Zverev will serve for the first set after the sit-down.