Dominic Thiem
4 4

Alexander Zverev
6 6



Ooooh, fantastic passing shot from Thiem; 0-15. Zverev fires wide with a forehand, is this an opening for Thiem? 0-30. Good serve; 15-30. Another huge serve; 30-all.

A good angled serve gets the desired response from Thiem, and it's SET POINT. Zverev fires wide down the line; DEUCE.

Another big serve brings up another SET POINT. Thiem goes for a bit too much on the second serve return, and Zverev takes the first set!

So, Thiem to serve first in this set. Zverev's shot is called wide, but overruled; 0-15. Deary me, a mishit from Thiem, not what he wants; 0-30. Ooooh, fantastic forehand from Thiem; 15-30. Big serve; 30-all.

Whoops, Thiem goes wide down the line; BREAK POINT ZVEREV. Huge backhand down the line from Zverev, and HE BREAKS!

Fantastic defence from Thiem, and he finishes with a lovely cross-court backhand; 0-15. Great dropshot from Zverev; 15-all. Good net play from Zverev; 30-15. Another lovely backhand from Thiem; 30-all.

Big serve; 40-30. Thiem goes long, and Zverev gets the hold.

Double fault from Thiem; 0-15. Eeek, a mishit off the Thiem backhand; 0-30. An error from Zverev this time; 15-30. Thiem fires wide with the backhand, and it's TWO BREAK POINTS.

Zverev goes wide and the first is SAVED. 30-40.

Oooh fantastic forehand down the line from Thiem; DEUCE. ADV Thiem...