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SO I BELIEVE YOU'VE GOT SOME NEWS FOR US? Yes, indeed we do. After 2 and a half years of running all our unique, live, minute-by-minute commentaries on this fine website, we've sadly seen a significant downturn in our audience. This has partly been down to the likes of Google News and NewsNow turning down our site to be added to their sources, and partly down to Twitter changing the way you can RT across different feeds. As a result, we've not been able to have as many people reading our excellent work as we'd like. THAT'S A SHAME. WHAT'S HAPPENING AS A RESULT? From Sunday 20th May we're going to be moving all those live minute-by-minutes back over to Twitter. This isn't a decision we've taken lightly as we truly believe that ByTheMinute.co is an excellent place to follow live events - however, we don't want our work to go unnoticed and think we owe it to our community of writers to showcase their stories in the best possible way. I SEE. DOES THAT MEAN THE WEBSITE IS CLOSING DOWN? Not at all. The focus for ByTheMinute.co will now reverts to more of our blog-type articles and podcasts. The website will still continue to bring you these long form stories and fan-run podcasts but on a more frequent basis than we've had previously. There may be the odd occasion when we bring you a live story - for example, when WImbledon is on we'll likely do a live piece on Twitter across all the courts, with individual live matches on the website. Kinda like a BBC Red Button type of deal. SO WE CAN READ MINUTE-BY-MINUTE COVERAGE ON TWITTER AND EVERYTHING ELSE ON THE WEBSITE? That is correct! We won't really be changing the content an awful lot. Just where you can find the stories. Many of you will probably already follow a lot of the feeds on Twitter anyways but if you're looking to follow any more you can find them on this handy wee list: https://twitter.com/itsByTheMinute/lists/the-big-bytheminute-list?s=09 THANKS FOR THAT. HOW DO I GO ABOUT JOINING THE COMMUNITY OF WRITERS AS I FANCY GETTING INVOLVED? Well that's rather nice of you to ask. Just fill out this registration form (https://www.bytheminute.co/auth/register?type=writer) and we'll add you to our email list. The schedule will also still appear on the website and we'll send you that every Thursday so you can sign up to cover the story you'd like to. EXCELLENT. I'LL DO THAT RIGHT AWAY. THANKS! No, thank you. Really, thank you all. We love doing everything that we do at ByTheMinute. From live stories, to longer pieces and podcasts too - we really love creating unique content that you don't often find in this click-bait world we seem to live in. Please keep supporting us over the summer and beyond. We'll still be here for a long time to come.