The Royal Wedding



The live stream for the wedding can be accessed here, unfortunately I can't embed it!


Good morning everyone! Apparently there's a wedding happening today, in case you hadn't heard. There is currently TV coverage on BBC One, ITV and Sky News, so I'll try to pool it all together here for you!

George and Amal Clooney are here.

As are the Beckhams... This video is showing up super blurry on my laptop, but it's possibly my connection. If it's blurry for everyone, I'll change it!

The crowds are also building up outside the Chapel, they've definitely got lucky with the weather today!

Oprah is here!

Here are some details about the wedding rings...

Serena Williams!

I love how they're checking everyone's invites, celebrities nor not. No invite, you're not getting in!

Idris Elba is here.