Celtic quick break from Tierney...we have a 4 v2 ...Forrest msicues his shot....shame that. Tierney has been magnificent today.. 2-0 CFC 55mins

58 mins.....Celtic containing the game with ease.... totally in control....2-0 up. but you get the sense if we needed another it wouldn't be long in coming ..

Bowman .. studs up..tries to injure Lustig..no booking. shakes head...

Motherwell player pulls Dembele over ....stonewall penalty not given. Sympathy refereeing... 61mins 2-0 Celtic

Campbell booked for Motherwell..... he looks like an absolute nutter.... lol

Replay of the dembele none penalty decision...laughable refereeing..


Motherwell now giving it the full hammer thrower performance....going through on every tackle, trying to injure Celtic players..pathetic stuff... Corner Celtic after a good break

Great work from Forrest opens up a chance for Demeble..snaps his shot just wide. He has been brilliant today.. Up the other end..MFC pressure wins a corner

67mins gone ...2-0 Celtic and comfortable

Stuart Armstrong coming on for Rogic .....probably a good idea. Rogic not had his best game today...