Memorable World Cup Moments - Part 1


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Hello all. Welcome to a two-part story about my favourite World Cup moments. This was ready to go since mid-April but the big wigs at ByTheMin towers suggested leaving it until the football season ended to let it loose.

The 21st FIFA World Cup is not far away. I have decided to put together some of my favourite moments from the tournament’s history. Some will be more detailed than others. This will be split into two stories. The first one details from 1930-1970.

1930 – World Cup Firsts

Before we begin with the proper stories I’d like to, because I’m an exceptionally sad nerd, give you a couple of World Cup firsts pieces of trivia. The first clean sheet and first hattrick in World Cup history involved the same country – The United States.

The first clean sheet was achieved by goalkeeper Jimmy Douglas in USA’s 3-0 win against Belgium on the World Cup’s inaugural day on 13 July 1930.

The first hattrick was achieved 4 days later by Bert Patenaude in USA’s 3-0 win against Paraguay. For several decades there was confusion over whether it was a hattrick as some sources have the second goal as an own goal by Aurelio Gonzalez but in 2006 FIFA confirmed it was indeed a hattrick and the first hattrick in FIFA World Cup history.

1950 – The World Cup without a final

We jump ahead a few World Cups to the first World Cup after World War Two. The 1950 World Cup in Brazil was a curious edition. It was significant for England as it was the first that they took part in after refusing to take part in the 3 before World War Two.

Argentina, Ecuador and Peru withdrew after the qualifying draw, in Argentina's case because of a dispute with the Brazilian Football Confederation. This meant that Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay qualified by default.

In Asia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Burma all withdrew, leaving India to qualify by default. In Europe, Austria withdrew, claiming its team was too inexperienced. Belgium also withdrew from the qualification tournament. These withdrawals meant that Switzerland and Turkey qualified without having to play their final round of matches.