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So I've been away a while. Working. Having a (healthy, happy, wonderful) kid. Putting weight back on. I realised 2 weeks out of the hospital in April, pushing the Pram on my normal route, not running just fast walking that I had undone most of my good work from last year as I huffed and puffed up the hill to the forest. And now I have a kid who will be running circles round his overblown dad in under a year. It was time to get drastic.

That was 14.04.2018.

This was this morning 11.09.2018

And this is the last 30 Days

So what have I been doing? Eating better again.. it helps that my wife is somewhat motivated to lose the baby pounds as well. Part 2 has been really helpful.. we started a lunchtime walking club at work. Its a loose group, there is no expectation that you go every day (though I do if appointments allow). In total there are 8 of us now (we started with 4) and the motivation we provide each other to get out and do some exercise is brilliant. We defined a 5km route and our goal is to do it in about 45 mins every day at a very brisk pace. Some days are better than others but the getting out is the most important part. If you are looking to get out and do exercise but unsure how to start I thoroughly recommend joining such a group if you can find one.

here is yesterdays go around. As per usual my tracker is playing up, that's a story for another day but it will be replaced sooner rather than later

Third... EMS Training WTF is that I hear you say... this handy video will help you out

I can only describe it as like doing a full on gym session for 2 hours in 20 minutes. It is sometimes, to be completely honest with you, brutal. In Week 3 I nearly collapsed at the end (mainly due to not drinking or eating enough over the day before I started the training). Lesson learned.

I don't always remember to start the workout tracking, here is one from 2 weeks ago as an example. I reached my highest ever recorded heart rate in this training and got a warning from the tracker!

Yesterday was my 14th week and the effects are noticeable in 3 ways. 1. Body definition. I've lost 2 inches from my stomach/chest but gained an inch around the thighs and nearly an inch in the upper arms 2. Weight. The first 7 weeks brought no noticeable effects to my weight as the muscle gain cancelled out the weight loss. However since then I have constantly been losing weight every week, sometimes a kg, sometime a half depending on work dinners ;) 3. Bank Balance. It is not cheap. The training is in effect personal training and you pay for that privilege. My subscription for 1 year costs me 14,90€ per week but so far I can definitely say its worth it. I started this with my manager as the studio opened right across the street from us and we got a special deal. It also comes with a Gym membership to an affiliated gym but so far I don't have any interest in that. Maybe in the deep winter when walking (or later running) is not so easy due to the snow.