FIFA 19 Aberdeen Adventure



In the summer, Aberdeen took on Burnley in a very competitive Europa League tie. A 1-1 draw at Pittodrie was followed by a 1-1 draw at Turf Moor, before the Clarets scored twice in extra time to go through 4-2 on aggregate. Aberdeen fans felt largely sneered at during the whole tie by the English media, but one Burnley fan in particular, at 25 seconds of this video, really riled up the Dons fans.

To many it was a rallying call. To me, it was an idea for a video game. It inspired me to create the Aberdeen Adventure.

I thought it would be worth putting to the test, using FIFA 19, whether Aberdeen were League One standard in England, or if perhaps, we were better than that. Obviously a lot of that would depend on my ability at the game, which is questionable to say the least.

Also questionable were the sound issues in the first couple of episodes. I thought I'd fixed it by the second episode, but thankfully, I got it straightened out for this one.

I decided as part of the series to try and make it somewhat authentic, I would turn the first transfer window off and go with a full Aberdeen team for the first half of the season. Stevie May was a bit problem, but we eventually got him going.

Niall McGinn on the other hand wasn't a problem at all. Apart from once...

james Wilson was eventually out of favour, but he did score one screamer.

And then I snapped.

I started to wonder if playing on Legendary difficulty was a good idea, but we finally started to put a run of results together.

And then we made our first two signings.