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Its been a good few weeks since I posted anything again. Year end at work, holiday, new role at work. It has had an impact on the regime somewhat but the important thing is we are still going in the right direction.

So first the "negatives".. The walking group at lunchtime has tailed off somewhat in the last few weeks due to a combination of holidays, awful weather and the fact I am not in the office so much while working. It needs to get better again, starting today! Also as you will see the weight loss has slowed down somewhat. The last time I posted was about 8 weeks ago, in that time i am down 3 KG.

Positives: I am training every week. Haven't missed an appointment yet, even with the holiday I managed to fit it in. The slight downside to that is....

Yesterday I entered the professional level of the EMS training. That means that the electrical impulses don't build up and fade away any more, they more or less start and stop. That makes the training much more intense, here is the comparison last week / this week

The physical (physiological??) reaction this morning is interesting to compare. Last week (and previously in the advanced tier) the muscle fatigue/ache began around 36 hours after training. I am now 18 hours after training and starting to feel the effects!

More positives...

I am utterly delighted with this. I had been building up to it even though the lunchtime group was a bit infrequent I was doing longer routes at the weekend with my son in the buggy on much harder terrain than we faced here on this route. Here is an example:

My goal was to go under 9 min/km and i just made it on the 10k. Slow and steady goes the tortoise and I wasn't the last over the line! It was a "work" event, parallel there was a half marathon which about half of my colleagues did. Very enjoyable experience, everyone motivating each other despite the cold (and sleet for the last 2 km!)

And finally the weight.. I mentioned earlier it has slowed down but that is ok. My doctor was a bit alarmed at one point it was coming off so fast. The training is obviously still muscle building, i notice ever week carrying things like the sparkling water (we buy crates) that it is slightly easier each time. Baby steps. The other positive is that every time i get on the scales and bit has gone i set a new low weight for the last 6 years (I lost a lot when we got married and put it all back on again). So that in itself is motivation.

Goals: I have set 2 goals now. Goal 1: It is 8 weeks to Christmas. I want to be another 3.5 KG down by 21.12 this year. I am expecting to put 1KG back on over Christmas/New Year so the net plan is to be down 2.5KG on my weigh in 2nd Jan 2019. Goal 2: It is time to get serious about the 5km running. We will be taking part in the "Company fun run" again next year on 9th May. The 5.3 km is not an easy route with 2 relatively large hills in it but that is my goal. Last year I made it in 52 minutes, the goal for next year will be under 45 and if the training goes really well then around 40!