Hello boys and girls welcome to our FA Cup 5th round preview show. Well kind of show. I'm Chris Clark and who's joining me...it's Matt Verri

It is indeed me. Matt Verri. From here on in, known as MV. I'm not sure this power dynamic will work, Clark. I'm usually the one in charge.

CC - FA Cup the rules go out of the window. First of all Matt I'm going to start off moaning, do you want to know what about?

MV - Not hugely. But seeing as you're calling the shots, I guess you can go for it. As long as it's not about me.

CC - There are too many games on TV this round. Pointless games. There is only 2 games kicking off at 3pm on Saturday. Ridiculous.

MV - So you're complaining that you're able to see too much football? Considering this is a preview for said football, I'd change your tune.

CC - Well let's start off with Saturday's first game. Tell me why Arsenal v Hull City is on TV....GO!

MV - HOW. DARE. YOU. Why wouldn't it be? Won the competition for the last two years, team to beat. It's even named after us these days!

CC - So at lunchtime people will be sitting down to watch Arsenal reserves v Hull reserves. Waste of time. Go out. Follow it on a website.

MV - SHOW SOME LOVE FOR THE CUP. I'm giving up my time to talk about it, cheer up. People want to watch their teams, now they can.