Tiger Woods Injury Press Conference



Is Tiger having a press conference? Are we over-hyping it? OF COURSE! Follow along here

Are we praying that the live stream on GC holds out? YES!

But in the mean time... Rory wtf? Is he going to try putting with his eyes closed next?

Never a good sign when you're switching putting grips, a really bad sign when you're doing it a month before the seasons first major

And we have Tiger......and he hopped up the steps!

Sitting in his chair, not laying in a bed, not fidgeting, ok I think that's all the sitting analysis I think I can do

If you have lots of money, live in Houston area, love golf (duh!) and wearing sweaters over your shoulder Bluejack seems like a swell place

Stewart Armstrong

Penny drops. He's not there to keep his fans involved. He's selling something.


yes, this is his new course that's opening in Houston

Corporate nonsense press conference alert..

Questions for the random corporate person next to Tiger = total buzzkill. Come on we want non-answers from Tiger!

Tiger says he's doing great, project is wonderful, loves to create, sunshine and rainbows