Premier League Preview



THESE ARE THE FIXTURES TO BE PREVIEWED. Now we just need two football "experts" to cast their eye over them....PAGING...PAGING...

Answering the call today are Chris Clark and Dr C. Miller Right Doc (adopting best voice?) Shall we get this party started?

OI OIIIIIIIIII @DrCMiller let's get this show on the road (as I'm at work and I'll be honest, I'm EXTREMELY important)

CC - Hopefully we're have time to complete this before you get everyone's teas in. Right let's start off at White Hart Lane...

CM - 3-3 draw. Next.

CC - Don't be so ridiculous. Spurs will be pumped for this game. They will want to put Wednesday's bad performance behind them.

CM - looking like two full strengthers as well. Kane, Rose, Walker. I reckon there'll be goals in this one.

CM - except Cech. Telling you. 3-3

CC - I don't want to get too carried away, but win tomorrow we will win the league. The we there is obviously Spurs. 2-0 (Alli 14, 76)

CM - I have absolutely no idea what it must feel like. Oh, yes I do. In the 90s before we shat the bed again and again. (We is NUFC there)