ByTheMinute Live

6km to go for BMC! They're going so so so fast!

Luck for Brathwaite as he gets squared up for at least the 3rd time today, leading edge goes straight up but lands agonisingly short around the short point area as Westley charges in.

Orica Scott up Next! Both Yates' and Esteban Chavez here! Great team, here come Bahrain, 16:29" for them. 25" lost for Nibali to De La Cruz etc

(12') - Great run from Ox, real pace down the right, gets the ball back in - out for corner, which is cleared. Ball does hit Pieters' hand, but accidental.

Alioski needs to learn the English game. He keeps going down under the slightest touch once he gets near the box and he won't get anything for those over here. Was being pulled but waited until he reached the penalty area until he went down.

FOUR - Full, virtually yorker length, Brathwaite just gets the bat down and pushes down the ground. 21/1

Wicket of Powell:

Brathwaite marking out his mark with a bail ala Shivnarine Chanderpaul.

Hernandez andO'Kane run into each other in midfield. Pablo stays down and then gives O'Kane the death stare with his cold Spanish assassins eyes.

3 off and a wicket. 17/1 Brathwaite 4 K Hope 2