ByTheMinute Arsenal Podcast 87 - 19th May 2019

Thanks Ivan! - A bumper podcast as Matt H, Matt V and Pete look at the end of Arsenal's league season and discuss which players were hits and misses (no great surprises...). We'll return with a post Europa League final podcast at the end of the month!

Ya Gotta Believe #11 - .500 Week!

Jody and Thomas come back to talk the NL East, where it feels like everyone went .500 this week (apart from the Marlins, who've lost a bunch in a row) but talk about the positives we're seeing from the Braves, Mike Foltynewicz aside.

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #135

This week Remy McSwain and Lawrence Donegan are joined by Frances Traynor to discuss 8-in-a-row, Sunday's visit to Glasgow municipal dump and the managerial situation.

Ya Gotta Believe #10 - Phillies Phever

Jody and Thomas talk about the Phillies getting a lead in the division, and wonder if it'll last. The Nats continue to sink, while the Mets and Braves continue to frustrate.

McKellar Golf Podcast #17

This week Lawrence Donegan is joined by Adam Heieck, chief executive officer of Youth on Course, a California-based organisation that is bringing low-cost golf to ten of thousands of kids in the US and, just recently, Canada.

Ya Gotta Believe #9 - My Favourite Marlins

Jody and Thomas talk about the remarkable first 11 years of the Florida Marlins, which involved just two winning seasons, but both those seasons ended with the ultimate prize.

Ya Gotta Believe #8 - Are The Nationals Bad?

Jody and Thomas are back to talk all things NL East. We discuss the possibility that Washington aren't the team we thought they were. We chat about the inconsistencies every team is having so far and try to make sense of the first month of the season.

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #134

No way, Jose.....Remy McSwain and Lawrence Donegan are joined by Paul Thomson to discuss the deaths of two Lisbon Lions, the Killie game, the new strip and managerial rumours. You'll cry, you'll laugh, you'll say wtf?

Ya Gotta Believe #7 - My Favourite Mets

As we continue our look back at the best teams in NL East history, we go back 50 years to relive the Miracle Mets of 1969. Thomas talks us through the first World Series crown in franchise history. Jody is also there.

ByTheMinute Arsenal Podcast 86 - 29th April 2019

Quite The Week - The pod was recorded a few hours after the Leicester 'performance', which gives you an idea of the tone adopted by Matt H, Matt V and Pete. More Mustafi thoughts, but at least there is some news of a trophy for Arsenal. A real one too!