Ya Gotta Believe #6 - Consistently Inconsistent

Jody and Thomas return to talk the NL East remaining a close four horse race with no-one taking control. We talk the Nationals being weird, the Braves hitting and pitching well but being .500, and another testy Phillies-Mets series.

Ya Gotta Believe #5 - Pitching Is Overrated and My Favourite Phillies

We talk more about some pitching woes in the NL East as some of the bigger name pitchers continue to scuffle. We talk about the Mets series with the Braves and Phillies, and Jody talks the 2007-2011 Phillies as his favourite era of baseball.

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #133

This week Remy McSwain and Lawrence Donegan are joined by the mighty Harry Brady of the Celtic Underground. The Aberdeen game, tangible smangible and the latest of Lennon's future. It's all here...most of it,,

Ya Gotta Believe #4 - Bullpens and Breaking News

Jody and Thomas are back to talk the disastrous bullpens in the NL East, the blistering start by Pete Alonso, and the news breaks during recording of Ozzie Albies perplexing new contract.

McKellar Golf Podcast #16

Special edition! A mid-Masters podcast with Lawrence Donegan, John Huggan and Mark Cannizzaro

McKellar Golf Podcast #15

Our Masters preview. Lawrence Donegan is joined by McKellar contributors John Huggan and Mike Clayton to discuss the world of golf. Lots on the LPGA and lots on Augusta National.

Stramash #34: Dog Shitter Than St Mirren

Roddy, Jody and Ally look back at the Edinburgh derby, the race for Europe, who'll get relegated from the Premiership and chat about how great the lower leagues are. Enjoy!

Ya Gotta Believe #3 - Week 1 Review

Jody and Thomas return a week into the season to talk about good offense, bad bullpens, and Bryce Harper's return to Washington.

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #132

This week Remy Mcswain and Lawrence Donegan are joined by Paul Thomson to discuss the 2-1 win over Espanyol on Sunday and the subsequent fall-out. All the fun of the fair was had...enjoy.

McKellar Golf Podcast #14

Lawrence Donegan talks to Dan Davies about the Royal North Devon and the environmental challenges faces by one of England's most historic courses. Bonus content - golf in the South-West of England is seriously great!