ByTheMinNUFC Podcast #18

Chelsea away today...but @MrRoddyGraham couldn't be bothered with it so we did the podcast DURING the 2nd half. Hear his and @DrCMiller's thoughts on the game (kinda...), the next manager, Sissoko and Celebrity Big Brother (randomly...)

ByTheMinGolf podcast #19

This week Lawrence Donegan and John Huggan are joined by Scott Michaux of the Augusta Chronicle to discuss the coming 2015 golf season. The show is sponosred by the Rosapenna Hotel and Golf Resort. Check them out at www.rosapenna.ie

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #19

Professional Victor Melgrew impersonator Remy McSwain and his misery guts sidekick Lawrence Donegan return after the Xmas break. They are joined by the mighty Harry Brady of the Celtic Underground podcast to discuss the 2-0 win over Kilmarnock, the prospe

ByTheMinEPL Podcast #16

@GoonerMV, @ChrisClark1975 and @dfr10 take a look back at the latest matches in the EPL. Extended talk on defending, anyalsis of the magical 67th minute and thoughts on Pardew to Palace. Paying for Pardew? Surely not.

ByTheMinNUFC Podcast #16

Hope you had a great Christmas. We did. Great Boxing Day? Well apart from the football team letting us down again, it was alright. Final pod of the year with @DrCMiller and @MrRoddyGraham. It's not a pretty one.

ByTheMinNUFC Podcast #15

Well we lost. To them. Again. Happy bloody Christmas indeed! It's just @drcmiller and @MrRoddyGraham for the podcast today. Enjoy it as much as you can. We'll be back on Boxing Day...probably discussing another loss...

ByTheMinGolf Podcast #18

This week Lawrence Donegan and John Huggan are joined by CBS golf analyst and golf instructor Peter Kostis to discuss what's going on in the world of golf.   

ByTheMinNUFC Podcast #14

After the shambles of White Hart Lane (both inside and outside the ground) @DrCMiller and @MrRoddyGraham were joined by @iwantcurlyhair2 to discuss Curly's night outside the ground, a brief chat about the uselessness inside and look ahead to the derby. Wh

ByTheMinCeltic Podcast #17

This week we are joined by the mighty Harry Brady of the Celtic Underground. We discuss the St Mirren game, the Inter Milan game and debate the issue of the moment - just how gubbed are Rangers?* *If you don't want to know the answer look away now .......

ByTheMinGolf Podcast #17

This week Larry and the Huggmeister are joined by the BBC's legendary golf correspondent Iain Carter, who talks about his new Ryder Cup book Showdown, the return of Tiger Woods and the genius of golf on the radio.